Bus schedule Saint Petersburg

Bus schedule in St. Petersburg. Long-distance and international routes in all directions. Here posted only relevant information in accordance with the schedule of bus stations in St. Petersburg. Only in city on Neva three main bus station: Saint-Petersburg bus station (formerly called "bus number 2)," Northern bus station, and bus station "ladozhsky railway station. There are many bus stops, subway stations, with different bus routes.

Bus station (Bus number 2) is located at: St. Petersburg, naberezhnaya Obvodnogo Kanala, d. 36. Telephones: +7 (812) 7663644, +7 (812) 4057519, +7 (812) 4057517, + 7 (812) 4057516, + 7 (812) 7665777 c 08-0000 to 0000-20 hours. Ticket offices are open from 06-30 up to 23-0000 hours. The bus station is near the subway station Bypass. For this reason, this station can be seen as a landmark in order to get to the bus station.

The Northern bus station address: Saint-Petersburg, p. Murino, UL. Station square. Landmark-Metro Devyatkino. Telephone reference service bus station: +7 (812) 2428909.

Ladozhsky railway station -Bus Terminal, located near the Metro station "Ladoga", next to the train station.


Schedule Bus station (Bus No. 2):

St. Petersburg-Aktobe St. Petersburg-Krasnogorodsk St. Petersburg-Pärnu
St. Petersburg-Bezhanitsy St. Petersburg-Kuopio St. Petersburg-Riga
St. Petersburg-Balti St. Petersburg-Kursk St.Petersburg-Rostov-on-Don
St. Petersburg-Boksitogorsk Saint Petersburg-Petrozavodsk St. Petersburg — Saratov
St. Petersburg-Boksitogorsk St. Petersburg-Lappeenranta St. Petersburg — Svirskoe
St. Petersburg-Bryansk St. Petersburg-Loksa St. Petersburg — Sebezh
St. Petersburg-Novgorod St. Petersburg-Marijampole St. Petersburg — Batts
St. Petersburg-Valday St. Petersburg-Minsk Saint Petersburg, Smolensk
St. Petersburg-Warsaw St. Petersburg-Moscow St. Petersburg-Soltsy-2
St. Petersburg-Velikie Luki St. Petersburg-Novaya Ladoga St. Petersburg-Stavropol
St. Petersburg — Vesyegonsk St. Petersburg — Novopolotsk St. Petersburg-Staraya Russa
St. Petersburg — Vinnitsa St. Petersburg-Novorzhev St. Petersburg-Fort Collins
St. Petersburg-Voznesenye St. Petersburg-Odessa St. Petersburg — Tallinn
Saint Petersburg-Vologda Saint Petersburg, Olonets St. Petersburg-Tiraspol
St. Petersburg-St. Petersburg St. Petersburg — Parfino St. Petersburg-Tikhvin
St. Petersburg-Vulcanesti Saint Petersburg-Petrozavodsk St. Petersburg-Turku
St. Petersburg — Vytegra St. Petersburg-Pechory St. Petersburg-Ungheni
St. Petersburg-Gdov St. Petersburg-Russia St. Petersburg — Ustyuzhna
St. Petersburg-Dedovichi St. Petersburg-Pinsk St. Petersburg — Kharkiv
St. Petersburg-Demjansk St. Petersburg-Pitkäranta St. Petersburg — Helsinki
St. Petersburg-Ivangorod St. Petersburg-Pitsunda St. Petersburg-Hilovo
St. Petersburg-Joensuu St. Petersburg — Podporozhye St. Petersburg-The Hill
St. Petersburg-Kiev St. Petersburg-Porkhov St. Petersburg — Chagoda
Saint Petersburg, Kingisepp St. Petersburg-Pskov St. Petersburg-Cheboksary
St. Petersburg-Murmansk St. Petersburg — Pustoshka St. Petersburg — Shugozero
Saint-Petersburg-Chisinau St. Petersburg-Pushkin Mountains St. Petersburg-Elista


Schedule The Northern bus station:

St. Petersburg-Red Valley St. Petersburg-Molokovo St. Petersburg-Batts
St. Petersburg- Saint Petersburg-Petrozavodsk St. Petersburg-Sortavala
St. Petersburg-Heater St. Petersburg-St.petersburg St. Petersburg-pine
St. Petersburg-Carron St. Petersburg-Moscow St. Petersburg-Tikhvin
St. Petersburg-Kamennogorsk St. Petersburg-Isthmus St. Petersburg-Tuutari Park
St. Petersburg-Murmansk St. Petersburg-Daisies St. Petersburg-Yartsevo
St. Petersburg-Red Lake St. Petersburg-Svetogorsk St. Petersburg-Russia
Saint Petersburg-Petrozavodsk


Bus schedule Ladoga station:

St. Petersburg-Derbent St. Petersburg-Kostomuksha St. Petersburg-Krasnodar