Bus timetables Moscow

On this site contains timetables Moscow, bus terminals and bus stations of Moscow, departure and arrival times for routes. Metropolitan bus stations are the largest in the country, their load can not be compared with any city of Russia. The city has three major bus station and about eight bus stations, from which buses on different routes and destinations. The main number of routes is sent from the Central (Isolated), Kazan and Paveletsky railway station, as well as Tushinskoj, Krasnogvardeyskaya, Cherkizovskoj, Kantemirovskoj, Walnut, Novojasenevskoj bus station. In addition, some of the bus services depart from the bus station Teply Stan and Northern Butovo. On this website you can find only the official bus schedule. Information appears later on the movement of private block of sixteen local taxis.  To easily search the schedule is divided into sections that specify the departure station.

Central bus station  Bus Station Tushinskaya  Bus Station Cherkizovskaya
Kazansky Station  The Autostation Northern Butovo  Bus Station Orekhovo
 Paveletsky Station Bus Terminal Krasniye Vorota Bus station teply Stan
Bus Station Konkovo  Novoyasenevskaya Bus  M. bus station Partizanskaya

Central Bus Station (Kovcheg) is located at the address: Moscow, Shelkovskoye shosse, 75. Phone: +7 (499) 748-80-29. Email address: contact@mosoblvokzaly.ru. Landmark Metro Shcholkovskaya "»

Bus Station Of Kazanaddress: Moscow, Ryazanskiy lane 13, building 1, next to the train station. Telephone reference service bus +7 (495) 507-78-88. The nearest metro station Komsomolskaya-

Paveletsky Bus Stationaddress: Moscow, UL. Dubininskaya 11/17, BLD. 1, next to Metro station "Paveletskaya". Phone: +7 (495) 507-78-88 and +7 (925) 507-78-88. Landmark is Paveletskaya square.

Bus Station Tushinskaya address: Moscow, UL. Stratonavtov, d. 9, near the Metro station tushinskaya. Phone: +7 (499) 940-08-43 and 8 (800) 200-08-41.

Bus Station Cherkizovskaya address: Moscow, Okruzhnoy proezd, building 2A, possession 1, next to the Metro station Cherkizovskaya. Cell phones help service bus: +7 (925) 517-37-27 and +7 (495) 517-37-27. Landmark is a shopping mall "Cherkizovsky passage".

The Autostation Northern Butovoaddress: Moscow, UL. Starobitcevskaja, 2A, ownership structure 1. Phone: +7 (499) 793-69-18. Bus Terminal is located next to the Metro Boulevard d. Don.

Bus Station Orekhovo address: Moscow, Shipilovskij proezd, possession of 31, near the subway station orekhovo ". Phone: +7 (499) 940-08-43 and 8 (800) 200-08-41.

Bus Terminal Krasniye Vorota address: Moscow, nutty, 24 Boulevard. Phones: +7 (499) 940-08-43 and 8 (800) 200-08-41.  The nearest metro station is "Krasniye Vorota»

Bus station teply Stanaddress: Moscow, Novoyasenevskii Avenue, possession of 4, near the subway station teply Stan. Phone: +7 (499) 940-08-43 and 8 (800) 200-08-41.

Bus Station Konkovo address: Moscow, Proletarsky Prospekt, 20 2 build. Telephones: +7 (926) 019-06-06 and +7 (926) 019-08-08.

Novoyasenevskaya Busaddress: Moscow, Novoyasenevskii tupik, 4 ownership, Novoyasenevskaya underground. " Phone: +7 (495) 426-87-51.