Bus schedule in Krasnoyarsk

The most recent and up-to-date bus schedule city Krasnoyarsk. For continuously updated information according to Krasnoyarsk. On pages with schedule the date, time, as well as the cost of a ticket on Intercity buses in Krasnoyarsk region. Below, for convenience, in alphabetical order are specified routes for buses.  Buses leave from the bus station in Krasnoyarsk address: UL. 16 aerovokzalnaya 22. Telephone reference service +7 (391) 220-11-72. The station is located in the city centre are located in a central area, close to the junction with St. The takeoff.

Krasnoyarsk-ABAZA (Abakan, Askiz) Krasnoyarsk-IRBEJSKOE Krasnoyarsk-NOVOSIBIRSK
Krasnoyarsk-ABAKAN Krasnoyarsk-KAZACHINSKOE AIRPORT Krasnoyarsk-PAVLOVShhINA
Krasnoyarsk-ABAN Krasnoyarsk-KANSK Krasnoyarsk-GUERRILLA
AGINSKOYE, Krasnoyarsk- Krasnoyarsk-KARATUZSKOE Pirovsk-Krasnoyarsk-YENISEYSK
Krasnoyarsk-ACHINSK Krasnoyarsk-CEDAR Krasnoyarsk-PIROVSKOE
Krasnoyarsk-Yemelyanovo AIRPORT Krasnoyarsk-KEMEROVO Krasnoyarsk-PODTESOVO
Krasnoyarsk-B. MURTA Krasnoyarsk-KODINSK Krasnoyarsk-PREDIVNOE
Krasnoyarsk-BALAHTA Krasnoyarsk-KOZUL'KA Krasnoyarsk-TRANSFIGURATION
Krasnoyarsk-BARNAUL Krasnoyarsk-KONONOVO Krasnoyarsk-RAZDOLINSK
Krasnoyarsk-BISHKEK Krasnoyarsk-KOP'JoVO Krasnoyarsk-SAYANOGORSK
Krasnoyarsk-BOGUCHANY Krasnoyarsk-KRASNOTURANSK Krasnoyarsk-Severo-Yeniseyskiy
Krasnoyarsk-BRATSK Krasnoyarsk-KULAKOVO Krasnoyarsk-TASEEVO
Krasnoyarsk-BUZUNOVO Krasnoyarsk-KYZYL Krasnoyarsk-TOMSK
Krasnoyarsk-Tjoi Apex Krasnoyarsk-LESOSIBIRSK Krasnoyarsk-TJuHTET
Krasnoyarsk-GAREVOE Krasnoyarsk-MINA Krasnoyarsk-TJaZhIN
Krasnoyarsk-DZERZHINSK Krasnoyarsk-MINUSINSK Krasnoyarsk-62ND
Krasnoyarsk-DUBININO Krasnoyarsk-MOSTOVSKOE Krasnoyarsk-UST-KAMENOGORSK
Krasnoyarsk-YENISEYSK Krasnoyarsk-MOTYGINO Krasnoyarsk-UST-KEM
Krasnoyarsk-YERMAKOVSKOYE Krasnoyarsk-MOSCOW Krasnoyarsk-UChUM (up to Uzhura)
Krasnoyarsk-ZhELEZNOGRSK Krasnoyarsk-NARVA Krasnoyarsk-ShALINSKOE
Krasnoyarsk-Z. IMBEZh Krasnoyarsk-LOWER INGASh Krasnoyarsk-SHARYPOVO
Krasnoyarsk-ZAGORJE Krasnoyarsk Is The Lower FLOODPLAIN Krasnoyarsk-SHIVERS
Krasnoyarsk-ZAOZYORNY Krasnoyarsk-NIKOLSKOYE Krasnoyarsk-SHEELA
Krasnoyarsk-MOSCOW Krasnoyarsk-NOVOBIRILJuSSY Krasnoyarsk-SHIRA
Krasnoyarsk-IVANOVKA Krasnoyarsk-NOVOKUZNETSK Krasnoyarsk-SHUSHENSKOYE
Krasnoyarsk-ILAN Krasnoyarsk-NOVOSJoLOVO

Krasnoyarsk is one of Siberia's largest cities with populations of over one million. The city is developing rapidly, the number of inhabitants is growing every year. Fulfilling the role of the regional centre, Krasnoyarsk skips through the huge passenger flow, moreover, that the territory of Krasnoyarsk Krai, second in size among all federal entities in the country. This factor determined the growth of long-distance transportation of citizens and load routes. Entire site presented eighty directions bus trips from Krasnoyarsk and back, according to a schedule. As additional bus routes schedule will be supplemented.