Bus schedule Kirov

The site indicated the current and new schedule of commuter and Intercity buses from the city Kirov and back.  For the convenience of searching flights are listed in alphabetical order. When choosing a route you are interested in, click on it with the mouse. Kirov of buses more than eighty localities. The basic directions is suburban and intercity routes. Separately allocated kirovo-chepeckoe and suburban areas as the most downloaded. The city is one the main bus terminal, namely Kirov bus station. All flights are operated from this station.  

Kirov-Adyshevo Kirov-Kirs Kirov — Paul
Kirov Airport Kirov-Korobovshhina Kirov Is A River
Kirov-Battashi Kirov-Korshik Kirov-Mining
Kirov-Bakht Kirov — Kostino Kirov, Russian Turek
Kirov — White Kholunitsa River Kirov-Kotelnich Kirov-Russian
Kirov-Berezniki Kirov-Kotlas Kirov — Yaransk
Kirov-Bobino Kirov-Kstinino Kirov-Sapozhnjata
Kirov-Bogorodskoye Kirov-Kumeny Kirov-Sidorovka
Kirov — Borovitsa Kirov-Lebyazhye Kirov-Sloboda
Kirov-Bosharovo Kirov-Levincy Kirov-Sovetsk
Kirov-Burmakino Kirov-Lozhkari Kirov-Pine
Kirov — Bystrytsya Kirov-Lyangasovo Kirov-Syktyvkar
Kirov-Uvaly Kirov — Malmyzh Kirov-Tataurovo
Kirov-Sarapul Kirov-Medjany Kirov-Peat
Kirov-Vozhgaly Kirov-Mitino Kirov-Novocheboksarsk
Kirov-East Kirov-Murashi Kirov-Ulyanovsk
Kirov — Vyatskiye Polyany Kirov-Murygino Kirov-Uni
Kirov-Girsovo Naberezhnye Chelny Kirov — Urzhum
Kirov-Vetluzhskiy Kirov — Nagorsk Kirov-Ufa
Kirov-Zagar'e Kirov-Nema Kirov-Ukhta
Kirov-Zengino Kirov-Nizhneivkino Kirov-Cepeli
Kirov Is A Joskar-Ola Kirov — Nolinsk Kirov-Cheboksary
Kirov-Istobensk Kirov-Omutninsk Kirov-Jezhva
Kirov-Kazan Kirov-Eagles Kirov-Kirovo-Chepetsk
Kirov-Settlement Kiknur Kirov-Pasegovo Kirov-Cheboksary
Kirov — Kilmez River Kirov — Piskivka
Kirov-kirovo-chepetsk Kirov-Pizhanka

G. Kirov's bus station is located at the following address: Russia, Kirov, UL. Bitter 57. Telephone reference service station +7 (8332) 54-49-42.

The bus station is open daily from 05-0000 to 22-0000 h.

Kirov is a regional center of Kirov oblast. Main attractions are concentrated here. In addition, there is a University, where students come from nearby communities. In total the city has a population of about 500,000 people.  Region populated enough that requires advanced bus transportation. The main bus station is a passenger motor vehicle node that performs the function of organizing the transport of passengers and other subjects of Russia.