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Новое расписание автобусов Калининград на 2018 — 2019 год . В данном разделе указано автобусное расписание маршрутов из г. Калининграда в пригородном направлении, по области и за рубеж. Представлено только обновленное расписание, действующее в текущем 2018 году,  согласно информации автовокзалов. Основная часть рейсов отправляется с Южного вокзала г. Калининграда, а так же с Международного автовокзала на Московском проспекте.

 COMMUTER schedule routes (up to 30 km from Kaliningrad)  Schedule of LONG-DISTANCE routes (on the field)  Schedule for international routes (other countries)
Kaliningrad — KHRABROVO Airport Kaliningrad — GUSEV  Kaliningrad — BARANOVICHI
Kaliningrad — B. ISACOVO Kaliningrad — DOMNOVO  Kaliningrad — Berlin
Kaliningrad — BAGRATIONOVSK Kaliningrad — ZHELEZNODOROZHNYJ  Kaliningrad — Warsaw
Kaliningrad — BALTIYSK Kaliningrad — KRASNOYE  Kaliningrad — Vilnius
Kaliningrad — Bolshaya Polyana Kaliningrad — MOZYR  Kaliningrad — Hannover-Stuttgart
Kaliningrad — GVARDEYSK Kaliningrad — MORSKOYE  Kaliningrad — Gdansk
Kaliningrad — DOBRINO Kaliningrad — NEMAN  Kaliningrad — Göttingen-Stuttgart
Kaliningrad — DONSKOYE Kaliningrad — Nesterov — CHERNYSHEVSKOYE  Kaliningrad — Druskininkai — GRODNO
Kaliningrad — ZALIVINO Kaliningrad — OZERSK  Kaliningrad — Kiev
Kaliningrad — ZALIVNOYE Kaliningrad — SLAVSK  Kaliningrad — Kiel
Kaliningrad — ZELENOGRADSK Kaliningrad — SOVETSK  Kaliningrad — Klajpeda
Kaliningrad — KASHIRSKOYE Kaliningrad — TISHINO  Kaliningrad — Minsk
Kaliningrad — KOLOSOVKA Kaliningrad — CHERNIAKHOVSK  Kaliningrad — Palanga
Kaliningrad — LESNAYA DACHA Kaliningrad — DJUNY  Kaliningrad — Prague
Kaliningrad — -LUBLINO — LOGVINO Kaliningrad — ERMAKOVO  Kaliningrad — Riga
Kaliningrad — LYUBLINO  Kaliningrad — KRASNOZNAMENSK  Kaliningrad — Tallinn
Kaliningrad — KRASNOFLOTSKOE Kaliningrad — LESNOY  Kaliningrad —Sopot
Kaliningrad — NEKRASOVO Kaliningrad — SOLDATOVO  Kaliningrad —Heilbronn
Kaliningrad — p. SVETLOYE Kaliningrad — CHEKHOVO  Kaliningrad — ESSEN
Kaliningrad — PARTIZANSKOYE  Kaliningrad — Aachen
Kaliningrad — PIONERSKIY  Kaliningrad — Bielefeld
Kaliningrad — POGRANICHNYJ  Kaliningrad — Baltiysk
Kaliningrad — POLESSK  Kaliningrad — Braunschweig
Kaliningrad — KHRABROVO  Kaliningrad — Braunschweig
Kaliningrad — PRAVDINSK  Kaliningrad — Bremen
Kaliningrad — MIRNOYE  Kaliningrad — Hamburg
Kaliningrad — SVETLOGORSK  Kaliningrad — Hannover
Kaliningrad — SVETLYJ  Kaliningrad — Gel'mshtadt
Kaliningrad — SINJAVINO  Kaliningrad — Dortmunt
Kaliningrad — SLAVINSK  Kaliningrad — Dusseldorf
Kaliningrad — USHAKOVO  Kaliningrad — Karlsruhe
Kaliningrad — JUZHNYJ  Kaliningrad — Cologne
Kaliningrad — GUR`EVSK  Kaliningrad — Lehrte (Hannover)
 Kaliningrad — Magdeburg
 Kaliningrad — Manhajm
 Kaliningrad — Montabaur
 Kaliningrad — Olsztyn
 Kaliningrad — Paderborn
 Kaliningrad — Frankfurt/Main
 Kaliningrad — Hamm
 Kaliningrad — Schwerte (Dortmunt)
 Kaliningrad — Elblag


Here is the most complete and up-to-date schedule of suburban, interurban and international bus services from Kaliningrad and back. We are constantly and closely monitor any changes in the schedule and make timely adjustments to the site. All elements of the bus schedule in Kaliningrad are highlighted when the cursor of the mouse, to make it easier and easier to find the desired departure time. At the top of this page the date as at which the changes in the schedule.  The greatest interest among users of the site from the Kaliningrad region causes a bus schedule to Gdansk, Elblag, Klaipeda. Within the field of popular destinations in Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk and Gusev.

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