Bus schedule Cheboksary

Here is fresh and current schedule of commuter and Intercity buses from the city Cheboksary and back.  All routes are listed in alphabetical order. Choose a route you are interested in and see detailed schedule. From Cheboksary buses in Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Ulyanovsk directions. Developed network of transit and direct bus trips.  There are two main bus station is Central and suburban, which serve a significant portion of the passengers.

Cheboksary — Alatyr Cheboksary — Kolcovka Cheboksary — Sterlitamak
Cheboksary — Saransk Cheboksary — Komsomolskoye Cheboksary — Sugut-Torbikovo
Cheboksary — Asanovo Cheboksary — Lashh' Tajaba Cheboksary — Surskoe
Cheboksary — Achaksy Cheboksary — Malye Karmaly Cheboksary — Syktyvkar
Cheboksary — Batyrevo Cheboksary — Moscow Cheboksary — Teren'ga
Cheboksary — Bahtigil'dino Cheboksary — Nizhnee Atykovo Cheboksary — Tetyushi
Cheboksary-Great Tjaberdino Cheboksary-Nizhny Novgorod Cheboksary Is Toishi
Cheboksary Is The Vurnary Cheboksary-Novochelny-Sjurbeevo Cheboksary-Togliatti
Cheboksary-Dzerzhinsk Cheboksary — New Murata Cheboksary-Ulyanovsk
Cheboksary-Diveyevo Cheboksary-New City Cheboksary-Ufa
Cheboksary-Rear Jandoushi Cheboksary-Orenburg Cheboksary-Hirposi
Cheboksary — Zvenigovo Cheboksary-Penza Cheboksary-Chemenevo
Cheboksary — Ibresi Cheboksary-Perm Cheboksary-Chepkas-Nikolskoye
Cheboksary-Ivanovo Cheboksary-Field Sundyr' Cheboksary-Shimkusy
Cheboksary-Izhevsk Cheboksary-Samara Cheboksary-Shorkasy
Cheboksary Is A Joskar-Ola Cheboksary-Saint Petersburg Cheboksary — Shumerlya
Cheboksary-Kazan Cheboksary-Saransk Cheboksary-Jumanzary
Kanash-Cheboksary Cheboksary-Saratov Cheboksary-Jal'chiki
Cheboksary-Kirov Cheboksary-Sechenovo Cheboksary-Jamanchurino
Cheboksary-Киря Cheboksary-Sojgino Cheboksary-Jansurinskoe
Cheboksary-Yoshkar-ola Cheboksary Is The Old Arlanovo Cheboksary — Yaroslavl

Central bus station Cheboksary is located at: Chuvashia, Cheboksary, Mira 78 d. Telephone reference service: +7 (8352) 28-90-0000. Schedule from 05-0000 to 0000-20 h. daily.

Cheboksary — Yadrin Cheboksary — Krasnye Chetai Cheboksary-Tin'geshi
Cheboksary-Anatkasy Cheboksary-Marposad Kanash-Cheboksary
Cheboksary-Bajgulovo Cheboksary-Mykolaiv Cheboksary — Tsivilsk
Cheboksary-Great Jamashevo Cheboksary-Pitishevo Cheboksary-Shivbosi
Cheboksary-Dosaevo Cheboksary-Raskil'dino Cheboksary — From
Cheboksary-Karamyshevo Cheboksary — Saruj Cheboksary-Shorkistry
Cheboksary-Volzhsk Cheboksary-Sviyazhsk Cheboksary-Shumshevashi
Kanash-Cheboksary Cheboksary-North Cheboksary — Yadrin

Suburban bus station is located at: Chuvashia, Cheboksary, UL. Station 3. Information service of Suburban bus station: +7 (8352) 56-35-05. Schedule from 05-0000 to 19-30 h. daily. 

Cheboksary is a small town located between Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. Through it passes many transit buses, therefore, for residents of Cheboksary no special problems when moving on the Chuvash Republic and beyond. The city is sufficiently developed, many come here to get a good job. Cheboksary has its own schools and many businesses. Transport network covers the entire Republic and extends beyond it.