Bus schedule

On this site contains up-to-date bus schedule throughout Russia, as well as international bus services.  This website was created to help you find a fresh timetable and routes by region of the country. The starting point is the main regional cities. In order to find a route, you must select the largest city of the region of interest and view bus direction presented there. A very detailed schedule, specified stations, from which the Administration, as well as final settlements, the journey time and distance from origin to destination. In addition, there is information on the approximate value of a taxi from the Centre to stop interest.

The schedule is continually being updated, we monitor its relevance. However, inquire at regional bus stations because, for various reasons, individual routes schedules may be changed, as well as additional flights could be organized, in case of increased demand of passengers in a certain direction.

 Moscow  Kazan  UFA
 St. Petersburg  Samara  Krasnoyarsk
 Novosibirsk  Omsk  Perm
 Ekaterinburg  Chelyabinsk  Voronezh
 Nizhniy Novgorod  Rostov on Don  Kaliningrad
 Penza  Irkutsk  Vladivostok
 Krasnodar  Tula  Chita
 Barnaul  Togliatti  Khabarovsk
 Lipetsk  Kirov  Cheboksary
Stavropol  Orsk  Yaroslavl
Izhevsk  Tomsk  Makhachkala

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