Bus schedule Tula

The most recent and up-to-date bus schedule of Tula city. For continuously updated information according to Tula. On pages with Schedule buses Tula quoted date, time as well as the cost of a ticket on Intercity buses in Tula region. Below, for convenience, in alphabetical order are specified routes for buses.  Buses leave from the bus station, the Tula address: Lenina Prospekt 94. Telephone reference service +7 (4872) 33-25-45. The station is North of the city center — next to Ploschad pobedy. Opening hours-24 hours a day.

Tula-Aleksin Tula-Kaluga Tula-Plavsk
Tula-Arsenyevo Tula-Managing Director Tula-Dawn
Tula-Arsenyevo-2 Tula-Kireyevsk Tula — Fc Ryazan
Tula-Arkhangelsk Tula-Chisinau Tula-Skopin
Tula-Belev Tula-Krainka Tula-Smolensk
Tula-Belev-2 Tula-Kurkino Tula-Suvorov
Tula-Russia Tula-Lipetsk Tula-Tambov
Tula-Bryansk Tula-Podgornoye Tula-Warm
Tula-Voronezh Tula-Moscow Tula-Anchor
Tula-Dubna Tula-Nikolskoye Tula-Mobile
Tula-Dubna-1 Tula — Novomoskovsk Tula-Yasnogorsk
Tula-Efremov  Tula — Orel