Bus schedule Central — Schelkovo bus station

Central Bus Station (Kovcheg) is located at the address: Moscow, Shelkovskoye shosse, 75. Phone: +7 (499) 748-80-29. Email address: contact@mosoblvokzaly.ru. Landmark — Shcholkovskaya Metro station. One of the largest bus stations in Moscow. Flights are carried out in all directions — West, East, North and South. Another unofficial names of stations — «Moscow bus station. From here go to the most popular and laden with routes from Moscow in Russia. Given the specificity of the big city, tickets purchased in advance at the box office is desirable. Bus schedule is constantly changing, so to clarify data on the administration of a flight, as well as obtain other information running reference desk, where you can call during business hours.

Moscow — Films Moscow — Kolchugino Moscow — Roslavl
Moscow — Bobruysk Moscow — Kostroma Moscow — Rostov-on-Don
Moscow-Vladikavkaz Moscow — Krasnodar Moscow-Rybinsk
Moscow — Vladimir Moscow-Kuznetsk Moscow — Sarai
Moscow — Voronezh Moscow — Kuzminichi Moscow — Saransk
Moscow — Vyazniki Moscow — Kursk Moscow — Svetlogorsk
Moscow — Gomel Moscow — Ratcha Moscow — Serdobsk
Moscow — Goptovka Moscow-Minsk Moscow — Simferopol
Moscow-Gorokhovets Moscow-Mogilev Moscow — Skopin
Moscow — Gus-Khrustalny Moscow-Mozyr Moscow — Slawharad
Moscow-Moscow Moscow — Dublin Moscow — Stavrovo
 Moscow — Dobrush Moscow — Gnats Moscow-Stavropol
Moscow — Dousk Moscow — Moore Moscow-Suzdal
Moscow-Donduseni Moscow-Naberezhnye Chelny Moscow-Taganrog
Moscow-Drochia Moscow — Neftekumsk Moskva-Tambov
Moscow-Ekimovichi Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod Moscow — Temnikov
Moscow-Ivanovo Moscow — Novomichurinsk Moscow-Tiraspol
Moscow — A Joskar-Ola Moscow-Anenii Noi Moscow-Tuma
Moscow — Murom Moscow — Fc Industriya Borovsk Moscow — Uglich
Moscow-Kasimov Moscow — Pavlovsk Moscow — Urjupinsk
Moscow — Kerch Moscow — Russia Moscow-Kharkov
Moscow-Warsaw Moscow — Penza Moscow-Cheboksary
Moscow — Kirzhach Moscow-Yaroslavl Moscow — Shack
Moscow-Chisinau Moscow-Ples Moscow — Shuya
Moscow — Carpets Moscow — Pskov Moscow — Yuzha
Moscow — Yuryev-Polsky